Can The American Police State Be Stopped?

 police state radioSWAT team raids for petty crimes, military-style vehicles in small towns, drug-sniffing dogs in our children’s schools, and surveillance cameras everywhere you look. Sadly, you don’t have to travel very far to see that the police state is a reality in modern-day America.
And, as you’ll learn on today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, it is only going to get worse. Author and civil liberties attorney John W. Whitehead joins the program to tell us what the future of the American police state will look like with cutting-edge and frightening new technologies. Whitehead is the founder of the Rutherford Institute and the author of A Government Of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State.

Whitehead tells us:

  • How a new technology will allow police to actually hear what you’re saying in your home – without you even knowing.
  • What new ultra-deadly bullets police are using that are controversial even in military circles.
  • How police can now “see” what you’re doing inside your home, even without a warrant.
  • Why “robo cops” may be the wave of the future – and why it’s no laughing matter.     [FULL  STORY]

Obama To Disband the Marine Corps

Daily Kos
Date: Jan 01, 2015
By: SemDemFollow

You didn’t know this, did you?

On a flight home I sat in between two individuals,  a Marine and boxing promoter.  The boxing guy was an older gentleman, and told interesting stories, such as meeting Don King.  Both men were very pleasant and that helped make time pass on the flight.  We were all combat veterans and all Southerners, so we had a lot in common.  Then the discussion, inevitably, turned to politics.

The older guy turned to the Marine and said “You know Obama is getting rid of the Marine Corps, right?”

The Marine was puzzled.  He hadn’t heard this news.  Neither had I.  “Yeah, Eric Holder just had a meeting with the Joint Chiefs.  Obama is going to disband them by Executive Order.”     [FULL  STORY]

Is this America?

As I gaze with horror and disgust at the images of our militarized police forces I begin to fahrenheit451awonder if history is indeed destined to repeat itself.  Remember the movie Fahrenheit 451 and the black uniforms of the Nazi SS troops?  Now check out the modern day images of our police forces all dressed up like the murderous enforcers of a dictatorship.

Do they really think they do a better job when they’re all decked out in their somber looking regalia?

Please, please, bring back the America I knew and love.  Stop this ridiculous militarism of our police force.

The thugs of Ferguson

The thugs of Ferguson have shown how absolutely uneducated they are.  As I have stated before, it is my opinion that Black people are inherently violent.  They have certainly shown it tonight.  How proud they must be of their recklessness tonight.  Don’t these people understand how stupid they look?  Their actions have done NOTHING to advance the race.

No Indictment for Officer Wilson; police in riot gear

B3PeBVQIgAA6ImQ.jpg large

Photo of previous looting in Ferguson

A Missouri grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch said Monday night.

As usual, the Ferguson police looked ridiculous as they swarmed the streets in full riot gear, itself crowd provoking.  When are they going to learn that the way to work with the people of Ferguson is not to appear in provocative, militaristic garb?

Republicans Are Racist

It’s a bold statement, republicans are racist.  Their unyielding lack of cooperation with the president, their position on immigration and their continuous sexist statements about women are clear examples of their racism.  They spew lies and misinformation about these subjects.  Unfortunately, the American citizenry eats it up because they have no other avenue for opposing ideas.


The conservatives control most of the radio stations by way of clear channel and other mega media corporations.  When was the last time you heard a progressive talk show on radio?  Rush is found all over the radio spectrum.  Something that has made him a multimillionaire many time over.

It’s sad that the Grand Old Party has become the racist old party.